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Ready to land your next high-ticket client using a heart-centered sales strategy?

Create, Launch & Sell Out Your

High-Ticket Program

in Just 5 Days!

This FREE Challenge Runs
Mon, April 24 - Fri, April 28, 2023

Average challenger that does the work makes $1500... Do the work, get the results.


Ready to land your next high-ticket client using a heart-centered sales strategy?


This FREE Challenge Runs
Mon, April 24 - Fri, April 28, 2023

Create, Launch & Sell Out Your

High-Ticket Offer

in Just 5 Days!

Average challenger that does the work makes $1500...
Do the work, get the results.

Do You Absolutely Hate Sales Calls?

  • Is your content getting crickets...?
  • ​Do you tense up when talking price...?
  • ​Getting ghosted once you send the invoice...?
  • ​Giving discounts you later regret...?
  • ​Landing clients that make you want to quit...?
  • ​Sales scripts making you feel robotic...?

Hey, I'm Shawn Q...

Did you know "Getting Clients" can be the most difficult part of running a business? Whether you hate writing content or feel icky in the "DM's"... there's good news!

Can I show you how seemingly average coaches and experts are landing Pay-In-Full dream clients using our new 2022 Heck Yes Sales system...? 

If you are an extraordinary COACH, EXPERT, or FREELANCER, I want to take you step by step through the details, strategy & implementation required to land your next high-ticket dream client... (without the stress and struggle...)

Every successful entrepreneur has a High-Ticket Offer...

Here's the Truth: 

What do all the entrepreneurs, influencers, and experts (including Tony Robbins, GaryV, and Russel Brunson) have in common...?
They all sell high-ticket offers...
Whether it's a coaching program, mastermind, or course, high-ticket offers = cash in the bank.

Me, personally? I've sold $10 to $10,000 to $100,000 offers.

(I've even had clients land $200,000+ clients!)
It's taken me years to figure this out and thousands of sales to perfect. 

(And to be honest, although I loved getting clients results, I hated the pressure of talking sales and money...)

But now, I know exactly what to say to get clients shouting "Heck yes! Sign me up!" (and even get paid thousands of dollars to share these secrets at private masterminds and even fortune 500 companies!)
What You Get In This Challenge...

Loads of quality leads, excited buyers, referrals up the wazoo, and 5-6 figure clients!

What You Get In This Challenge

Loads of quality leads, excited buyers, referrals up the wazoo, and 5-6 figure clients!

In Just 5 Days You'll Have

Your Next High-Ticket Client...

How The Challenge Works...

Each Day for 5 Days...

I'll go live for 60 minutes in an exclusive Facebook Group and show you exactly what to do that day to find, attract, and sell your dream client...
You will begin immediately with the Pre-Training when you register now, so that when the challenge starts you will be 100% prepared!

Here's What You Get...

What if you had the exact strategy needed to skyrocket your sales, for only an hour a day?

(That's what this challenge is designed to do!)

Day 1

Day 1

Where To Find Your 
Next Dream Client

On Day 1, you'll discover why you've been wasting time on social media, and the exact details and strategy to finding your next high-paying client that's ready to say "HECK YES! Sign me up!"

Day 1 Bonuses: 

  • "Finding Clients" Formula, Scripts & Checklist

Day 2

Day 2

How To Turn Strangers
Into Excited Buyers

On Day 2, you'll discover how to "close" the sale before you even talk money while using ethical psychology and persuasion (with authenticity!) to get prospects itching to buy from you... 

Day 2 Bonuses: 

  • Sales "Bucket" Template
  • ​Money Mindset Audio Course & Script

Day 3

Day 3

How To Get Clients To Buy Your Premium Offer

On Day 3, you'll discover how to use the "Heck Yes!" Sales system to get clients buying your highest-priced offer every... single... time... (So you can stop leaving money on the table!)

Day 3 Bonuses: 

  • The "Heck Yes!" Sales Strategy Breakdown & Script

Day 4

Day 4

How To Transform
Objections Into Sales

On Day 4, you'll learn the hidden art of effortlessly overcoming objections so you always know what to say when someone tells you, "I'll think about it" or "I need to ask my spouse..."

Day 4 Bonuses: 

  • "Objection Crushing" Answers Template

Day 5

Day 5

How To Scale Your Sales
in 2023 and Beyond

On Day 5, you'll discover the 9 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when landing clients and how to avoid them, plus the 3 easiest PROFIT tools to fast track the sale! 

Day 5 Bonuses: 

  • The "Maximize Your Profit" Fill-In-The-Blank Template

Take Action... Win An ipAd!

And if that wasn't enough, did I mention... THERE ARE PRIZES TOO?!

Valued at over $10,000 in Prizes

Daily Prizes

Every day, we'll be giving away a few Amazon Gift Cards to lucky live attendees and action takers (because you should be rewarded for taking action!)

Grand Prizes

At the end of the challenge, we'll be giving away an iPad, Ring Light, $100 Amazon Gift Card, Access to our "PROFIT" Masterclass Series, and more...

Join the over 31,593 of coaches and entrepreneurs

Who have already taken thE free challenge & landed a client...

Build Your Offer. 
Market Your Value. 
Land Your Next Client. 

You in?

See you inside the Challenge !

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